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RTI Act 2009

Handbook of Information under the Right to Information Act 2009


Chapter 1


1.1  Right to Information Act 2009:  
An Act to provide for setting out the regime of  right to information for the people of the State to secure access to information under the control of Public Authority, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. Information under the Act means the information as defined in terms of Sec. 2 (d) of the Act. For complete copy of J&K RTI Act 2009 & J&K RTI Rules 2009, please visit the website of J&K General Administration Department ( )

1.2  Objectives/ purpose of this Hand book:  
The objective/ purpose of this handbook prepared under the J&K Right to Information Act 2009 is to keep the public informed about the Police Organisation, its functions, duties etc and to facilitate the Public at large regarding the procedure etc for seeking information pertaining to the Police Department which is otherwise not available in this hand-book.

1.3 Who can use this Handbook:
Any person can use this handbook, as the same has been prepared for the information of public at large under the J&K RTI Act 2009. The handbook can be perused on the official website of J&K Police (www.

1.4  Organisation of the information in this hand-book: 
  J ammu & Kashmir Police Organisation.

1.5 Definitions:
The words and expressions used herein and not defined but defined in the RTI Act-2009, shall have the same meaning respectively as assigned to them in the Act.

1.6 Contact person in case some body wants to get more information on topics covered in the Hand-book as well as other information also:
Director Prosecution J&K, PHQ Jammu/ Srinagar.

1.7  Procedure and Fee structure for getting information not available in the Hand-Book.
a)            The procedure and fee structure as prescribed in Section 6 of the RTI Act 2009 and Section 4 of the J&K RTI Rules -2009 shall apply mutatis-mutandis while seeking information from the Public Authority of the Police Department. A request for obtaining information, under Sub-Section (1) of Section 6 of the RTI-Act 2009, either in writing or through electronic means in English, Urdu or Hindi, as per the prescribed form (Form- A) shall be accompanied by an application fee of Rupees fifty (Rs. 50/-) by way of cash against proper receipt, OR by way of Indian Postal Order, OR demand draft, OR bankers cheaque payable to the Accounts Officer, (CAO) PHQ, J&K.

b)            The request for obtaining information shall also be deemed to be made duly accompanied by the prescribed application fee, if it is written on a Non-Judicial Stamp paper of Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty).

 c)            At the time of providing information, the fee as prescribed in Section 5 of the RTI-Rules 2009,  shall be charged by way of  cash against proper receipt, OR  by Indian Postal Order, OR demand draft, OR Bankers cheaque payable to the Accounts Officer (CAO) PHQ, J&K.

  • Rupees 10/- for each page (A-4 or A-3) size, created or copied.

  • Actual charge or cost price of a copy in large size paper.

  • Actual cost or price for samples or models; and

  • For inspection of records, no fee for the first hour; and a fee of Rs. 15/- for each subsequent hour (or a fraction thereof)

d)            A fee shall also be charged by way of cash against proper receipt, OR by Indian Postal Order, OR demand draft, OR Bankers cheaque payable to the Accounts Officer (CAO) PHQ, J&K. at the following rates.

 i.     For information provided in diskette or floppy, Rs. 75/-  per diskette or floppy; and Rs. 100/- per CD.

 ii.    For information provided in printed form at the price fixed for such publication OR Rs. 2/- per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.


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